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At the very same time the United States Supreme Court was reviewing an emergency request to block implementation of SB8, Texas’ new heartbeat bill – a doctor inside Fort Worth’s Whole Woman’s Health was putting in a 17-hour day, frantically aborting 67 babies before a midnight deadline.

According to reports, the physician was lauded for exhibiting commendable stamina, with the director of clinical services at the facility suggesting doctors half his age wouldn’t have been able to pull off such a feat.

“For a moment, they were able to savor it,” wrote an insider. “Even if he (the doctor) had performed one abortion, it would have been a victory.”

Savor and qualify the deaths of 67 innocent babies as a win?

Abortion has been hotly debated in the United States for more than half a century, predating even 1973. Still, momentum for the erosion of Roe is rapidly moving towards a tipping point. As evidenced by the High Court’s refusal to stay the controversial law in Texas and its decision to hear challenges to Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban this coming term, those of us who support every innocent life being protected under the law have reason to be encouraged.

Science and technology are on the side of life – and for the time being, so is the law in the state of Texas. Other state legislatures are expected to follow suit and pass similar pro-life laws.

America remains deeply divided over the issue, but the callousness with which abortion’s most vocal supporters communicate and defend the right to terminate innocent life should deeply concern us all. Despite claims that they’re standing up for women’s rights, its advocates reveal a cold and destructive indifference to the most vulnerable – half of which are women themselves.

From delighting in the deaths of 67 babies to vowing to “fight” for a doctor’s right to do so – as former first lady Hillary Clinton did on Twitter  - the maniacal devotion to a culture of death cheapens life and diminishes us all in the process.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Conservatives are often lectured for being insensitive and cold-hearted – but what could be worse than cheering and celebrating the demise of innocent children?

Another example of this type of glaring hypocrisy can be found down on the United States’ southern border. Many of us who recognize the need for immigration reform, yet who believe in safe and secure borders, have lamented the unfolding crisis in Texas and Arizona.

Always capable of making a bad situation worse, Planned Parenthood has been operating down there recruiting pregnant women who are crossing over to come to see them for their “health care” – care which features abortion, of course. They’re telling these women they otherwise run the risk of being deported if they go to traditional medical clinics.

How is offering to abort a baby a humane gesture? It’s not unless you embrace the upside-down logic of the left.

In contrast, I announced in Texas at our “See Life 21” event that Focus on the Family was donating a mobile ultrasound unit along with 4D ultrasound equipment to help counter Planned Parenthood’s devious ploy. They’re all about death. We’re all about life. Abortion-minded women who see an ultrasound of their baby are much more likely to carry their child to term.

The vehicle and equipment will be staffed by trained and licensed medical professionals operating out of five pregnancy resource centers in high-risk abortion areas. We’re grateful for their partnership.

True compassion is defending life, not destroying it. It’s welcoming the vulnerable and the fragile with a warm embrace – not heartlessly hustling to kill as many children as possible before the clock strikes midnight.

While wickedness may have been unleashed in Fort Worth earlier this week, the good news is that countless pro-life stalwarts are working frantically across the country to preserve and protect life – and that’s something worth savoring and celebrating.

• Jim Daly is president and CEO of Focus on the Family. 

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