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Last week I posted an August 29, 2021 article written by Jeffery A. Tucker for the Brownstone Institute titled, “The World Health Organization Oversold the Vaccine and Deprecated Natural Immunity.” 

In my post, I pointed out some irrefutable facts from Mr. Tucker‘s article, such as how, up until the rise of Anthony Fauci to near godlike status, it was commonly accepted science that “vaccines and natural exposure were regarded as partners in disease mitigation.” Still, today for some strange reason, the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, Big Pharma, and their complicit lemmings in the mainstream media are now portraying vaccination and natural immunity as somehow competing with one another. 
I highlighted Mr. Tucker‘s contention that the most extensive studies done yet comparing COVID-19 vaccines to natural infection demonstrate that natural immunity is more powerful in preventing infection than any regimen of vaccines (a truism that would have surprised no one 50 years ago).

I reiterated Mr. Tucker‘s point that “COVID-19 is a textbook case of how the immune system scales naturally to take on the newest pathogens that always have and always will vex the world” and that vaccines will “necessarily be more hit-and-miss, simply because of the pace of mutation and the emergence of variants.” 

I applauded Mr. Tucker‘s citation of the recent Israeli study that indicates there is “good news for patients who already successfully battled Covid-19, but [research] shows the challenge of relying exclusively on immunizations to move past the pandemic. People given both doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were almost six-fold more likely to contract a delta infection and seven-fold more likely to have symptomatic disease than those who [had acquired natural immunity through previous infection].”  

I agreed with Mr. Tucker‘s contention (and with that of every other thinking human being up until about five minutes ago) that when “you contract a virus and fight it off, your immune system encodes that information in a way that builds immunity to that virus.” And that “when this happens to enough people, the virus loses its pandemic quality and becomes…. manageable. This is what one would call virology/immunology 101.” 

I thanked Mr. Tucker for reminding us that “this fascinating dynamic in cell biology is a major reason why public health became so smart in the 20th century. We kept calm. We managed viruses with medical professionals: doctor/patient relationships. We avoided the Medieval tendency to run around with hair on fire but rather used rationality and intelligence.”  

Finally, I inferred that those guilty of politicizing medicine are not only foolish but perhaps even criminally negligent. 

I then concluded by suggesting that because I’ve had COVID-19, it would be nothing short of asinine for me to submit to a vaccine that, by definition, has no longitudinal data to support its efficacy. I pointed out that the government has no business forcing me to take a drug into my body that I don’t want nor do I need.  
One reader’s response - “Your right to choose what to do with your own body, could be the most hypocritical and wrongheaded opinion of all. Your freedom stops at the point where you endanger someone else’s life. When I get the privilege of looking upon the face of my Creator, I will have countless things to be ashamed of, but costing other people their lives due to my fear and cowardice of taking a little shot is not going to be one of them.” 

Well, aside from all the science cited above, perhaps I should remind my friend that viruses have existed since the dawn of time, and mankind has gone about its daily business for the millennia without digging a hole and hiding in it. Since when did simply carrying on with life become akin to murder? 

In my land, there are many things I do daily that “could” harm someone else. Riding a bike. Driving a car. Flying a plane. Cooking a burger. Sailing a boat. Mowing the lawn. Playing soccer. Playing football. Sky diving. Rock climbing. Parasailing. Wrestling with my kids. Marching in a protest. The list is endless. 

Life is not safe. The only way it could be would be for us to confine ourselves to sanitized cubicles and never leave them. 

We risk disease and injury every morning when we wake up and get out of bed. 

If you want safety be a goldfish. Human beings aren’t made to be safe. We are created to be free!  

Perhaps the best homework assignment for our nation this weekend would be to go back and watch the old 1970s movie “Born Free.” The moral to the story: Lions can be kept safe in a cage, but that’s not what lions are for. 

• Everett Piper (dreverettpiper.com, @dreverettpiper), a columnist for The Washington Times, is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of “Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (Regnery) and, most recently, “Grow Up: Life Isn’t Safe, But It’s Good.” 

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