- - Thursday, September 9, 2021

It is interesting that the CEO of Delta Air LInes is so obsessed by COVID-19-related medical costs (“The politicization of the COVID-19 vaccination,” Web, Sept. 8). If he were really serious about the health of his employees, he would take a look at the U.S. murder-for-money health-care system. (Note that Democrats want to make murder-for-money free for everyone, and supposedly that would achieve nirvana.)

If you want to begin with COVID-19, maybe you should consider how that is actually handled by the murder-for-money system. If you get symptoms and go to the hospital, you are told to go home. The reason for this is the financial model: If they treated you early with a long list of anti-inflammatory drugs, or even the India/ivermectin/Joe Rogan/Donald Trump approach, you might be done in under a week. But the hospital wants you in the ICU because that is where the money is. Any hospital administrator who allows their ICU to run below 75% capacity is going to be out of a job.

If the Delta CEO checked all of his employees for metabolic syndrome he would probably find that 87% of them had one or more markers, and a third were diabetic or pre-diabetic. This means that 87% of his employees are at risk for not only diabetes, but cancer, coronary heart disease and all kinds of neurological diseases. Consider the Delta pilots. If they are over 40, just how healthy do they look? They are probably overweight, and the vaccine is not going to do anything about that. You better hope that they do not get any side effects while flying.

The Delta CEO is using the vaccine mandate to discriminate in a way that reduces his insurance bills because he can probably get away with it. You might say that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has boosted the murder-for-money scheme (and in the case of the politicians it is murder-for-money-and-power) to an all-time high. This has never been about your health.


Reston, Va.

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