- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 28, 2022

Former Attorney General William P. Barr says public education in the U.S. is setting up the government as a new religion against the constitutional rights of American parents.

America’s “abandonment of God” has opened the door for government-run schools to replace families’ Judeo-Christian morality with “the mawkish talk of liberal values,” Mr. Barr said during a lecture Wednesday night.

“They establish their state religion and believe they can ram it down the throats of people expressing other or contrary beliefs,” he said at the Washington Golf & Country Club, speaking as an endowed chair of the Catholic Information Center.

He called Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law a “modest” effort to resist the “indoctrination” of students in progressive race and gender views that have nothing to do with reading, writing and arithmetic.

He also said government vouchers, which allow families to choose the school that best fits their values, are the most efficient way to protect parents’ “right to raise their children” without having to “pay through the nose” for private schooling.

Mr. Barr served as attorney general under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump.

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