- - Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rising prices. Staffing shortages. Economic contraction. Recession.

The U.S. economy is beset by negative indicators and even more negative headlines. “Doom,” according to the mainstream media.

In the middle of the mess stands President Biden, whose administration has bungled policy after public policy since January 2021. Most recently came the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which focuses on climate action to the tune of $430 billion in new spending. Raising the corporate tax rate by 15% in an inflationary economy, the federal government’s latest spending bonanza promises even higher prices as the tax is passed from businesses to consumers.

While American purchasing power diminishes by the day, the Biden administration’s response is to raise taxes, cutting into it further. That, plus denying the tax hikes is happening in the first place. That, and changing the definition of “recession” when it’s convenient.

But denial does not make the truth go away. And the truth is this: Americans are fed up with Mr. Biden. Even according to CNN, Mr. Biden’s approval rating is stuck at 38%, with nearly 70% of Americans claiming the president hasn’t paid enough attention to the nation’s most pressing problems.

On the economy, Mr. Biden is a national embarrassment. He is one of the worst performers in U.S. history. Only 30% of Americans support his administration’s handling of economic matters. When it comes to inflation, Mr. Biden’s job approval drops even further (25%).

Democrats are jumping ship too. Long before the 2022 elections, Vice President Kamala Harris is engaging with liberal donors in preparation for a 2024 bid.

But Americans won’t find leadership on the left. Democrats have nothing substantive to offer — not in this economy, not when they’re running out of other people’s money. Neither Mr. Biden nor Ms. Harris has proven themselves to be anything but over their heads in the White House.

The leader for these turbulent times can be found in Florida, my home state. His name is Ron DeSantis, one of America’s most popular governors. He has already proven himself at the state level, navigating one of the nation’s largest economies through the COVID-19 pandemic with flying colors.

In Florida, job creation has become a foregone conclusion. Jobless claims are historically low. Business expansion is contagious, with entrepreneurs flocking to cities like Miami and hiring new workers. In 2021, Florida added more tech companies than any other state — thousands of new businesses and tens of thousands of new jobs.

Looking ahead, the future is bright. Florida’s economic growth continues to outpace the nation, with Floridians new and old embracing the time-tested values of freedom and hard work. Our immigrant community is strong, powered by Cubans and Nicaraguans and Venezuelans (to name a few) who have embraced the career opportunities available to them in the United States and are proud of achieving the American Dream for their families. At the age of four, my mother and I fled Cuba’s oppressive communist regime to seek a better life here, and there are countless other success stories like ours in the Sunshine State.

Immigrants like us truly found sunshine in Florida. We arrived in America not only to experience freedom and opportunity, but also to support the elected officials who share those same values. Leaders like Mr. DeSantis believe in the power of the free market, encouraging private investment rather than discouraging it. They believe in work ethic and upward mobility. True leaders aren’t tax-and-spend politicians with empty promises; they believe in the American people to innovate and grow the economy on their own.

Don’t believe me? Even Heather Boushey, a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, has praised the DeSantis economy for its innovation and growth. If she’s optimistic, then the rest of America can be confident in Mr. DeSantis too.

From Florida to the blue states north and west, America is ready for Mr. DeSantis. He will make America great again, carrying on the Trump tradition and inspiring hope in our country yet again. It can’t come soon enough.

• Lilian Rodriguez-Baz is a founder and legal counsel for Ready for Ron PAC.

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