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President Joe Biden announced a sweeping student loan forgiveness program that wipes out $20,000 per Pell Grant recipient, and $10,000 for others, laying the groundwork for more socialism, more socialism, more socialism in American society.

How so? Biden didn’t really cancel debt. He only redistributed the debt to hard-working, tax-paying Americans.

As CNBC quickly noted in the hours after the White House announcement, “Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan may cost taxpayers an average of $2,000, some policy experts say.”

After all, the debt doesn’t actually disappear. Schools still need to be paid for services rendered; monies that were disbursed to students by way of government-backed loans don’t simply grow back on trees. Somebody’s got to put those funds back in the coffers.

And guess who those lucky somebodies are?

Jane Q. Taxpayer and her husband, Joe.

“There’s a transfer of wealth from the society at large to people who borrowed to go to college right now,” said National Taxpayers Union director of federal policy Andrew Lautz, in CNBC. “That has consequences for consumers. It has consequences for taxpayers.”

Aside from the financial realities of socialist-style redistribute-the-wealth schemes, however, are mindset shifts that occur in a society that becomes conditioned to accept socialist-style redistributions of wealth.

The more government offers giveaways, the more greedy low-information lazies grab at the giveaways — and the more they become conditioned to accept then demand these giveaways.

In short order, America moves from a nation of individualists, bent on bringing up their own families by pulling on their own bootstraps, to a nation of whiney, entitled socialists who truly believe government exists to provide for them, from cradle to grave, simply because they exist. Simply because they’re born. Simply because they breathe.

This is how Hillarycare moved from the realm of laughable to an Obamacare realm of reality — by successfully selling the idea that free market health care is evil, discriminatory and outdated and that American citizens have a right to proper health care, that is to say, taxpayer funded and subsidized health care.

Now comes Biden with his student loan forgiveness, pushing the same message. 

“Biden believes that a post-high school education should be a ticket to a middle-class life, but for too many, the cost of borrowing for college is a lifelong burden that deprives them of that opportunity,” the White House posted.

“Today,” the White House went on, “the Biden Administration is … providing families breathing room as they prepare to start re-paying loans after the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic.”

It’s a giveaway to a hoped-for Democrat Party voting bloc, pure and simple.

Businesses are screaming for workers; help wanted signs are everywhere. Yet this White House, this administration, this president want to pretend as if families with kids in college can’t find employment to pay their own tuition and pay off their own loans?

Hey socialist, memo to those in the back of the room: Nobody gives a crap about your kids’ college educations. Put that under the category of “Pay Yourself.”

There’s a nation full of college graduates and their parents out there who’ve done just that who would agree.

First, health care.

Next, college loans.

Soon to come?

Mortgages and housing costs.

After all, if health care is a right and college education a right, then certainly housing is a human right as well. And don’t forget — by right, it’s meant tax-paid right.

Democrats won’t stop until the entire country’s gone socialist.

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