Crime rates are up. Recently a shoplifter in New York City was arrested for the 129th time. He had been released and never brought to trial as a result of the New York state no-bail law.

There was recently an attempted assassination on Rep. Lee Zeldin. The would-be assassin was arrested and then released — also with no bail. The congressman, who is running for governor of New York, was not seriously hurt. (Fortunately, the assassin was rearrested the next day by federal authorities.)

A study of murders in Baltimore noted that since the year 2015 more than half the city’s murderers had been released from prison early. Had they remained in prison, the murders would not have taken place.

Clearly the liberal social experiments in our nation’s large cities have failed. People are dead, relatives are grieving, neighborhoods are unsafe and citizens are afraid to leave their homes, even during the day.

If lives matter and security is desired, laws must be changed. The “woke” Democratic lawmakers who enacted this ridiculous legislation based on wishful thinking must be removed and replaced with people who understand the havoc those leftists have wrought.

Policies that worked in the past should be reinstituted. Let’s bring back rules that work, such as lengthy prison sentences for violent offenders — so they’re off the street and can’t harm anyone else.


Princeton, New Jersey

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