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If the FBI thought it was going to execute an hours-long raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, crack open his personal safe and sift around boxes of documents he had stored in boxes, and then pick up and proceed home, leaving the former president and his family, along with all the MAGA types in America, stupefied and cowering in fear — think again.

The deep state that Trump warned about is about to face a backlash of significant proportions.

Within hours of the raid, dozens of loud Trump supporters — flag-waving patriots, the kind the Democrats despise — had camped outside Mar-a-Lago to express their anger and outrage. That’s a drop in the bucket of what’s likely to come.

“It’s unusual for senior government officials to be charged in connection with mishandling classified information,” The New York Times understated in a wrap of the raid.

You don’t say.

It’s even more “unusual” for a sitting president of the United States to unleash, either overtly or tacitly, his Justice Department on a) a former president of the United States and b) the very former president of the United States who is probably, likely and very potentially going to run in 2024 for another White House term. That is to say: President Biden, who has expressed interest in running for a second term in 2024 could very likely face Trump. That it’s Biden’s DOJ who raided Trump’s personal residence reeks of communism. 

This is the stuff of Stalin.

This is the style of dictators.

“They’re going to do anything they can to get him,” said one Trump supporter outside Mar-a-Lago, to Fox News. “They’re terrified of him. And it’s not because of any other reason than the policies that he supports: American First policies.”

That’s it, in a nutshell.

Remember: Trump is the guy who raised the hackles of Democrats to such levels that some called for his impeachment even before his inauguration; most called for his impeachment during his four years of office; many called for his impeachment even after he left office. 

Terrified of him?

That’s putting it lightly.

A second Trump term would undo all the globalist designs the far-leftists have been able to usher into America’s political system under the feckless and brain-dead Biden administration. A second Trump term would unwind all the progress the silent, secret, behind-the-scenes Barack Obama partners-in-socialist-crimes have been able to push through this White House, due to the feckless, brain-dead leadership of Joe Biden. A second Trump term would destroy all the Great Reset resetting of the world’s economies, world’s societies the pinheads at the World Economic Forum have been able to complete, due in large part because of the feckless, brain-dead leadership of Joe Biden. A second Trump term would unleash the fiery backlash against the globalists, the Davos control freaks, the communist China players and partners around the world, the Anthony Fauci-Bill Gates-Big-Pharma-Big-Government tyrants who want nothing more than to divide and conquer America, the last wall to dividing, conquering and controlling the world.

A second Trump term would open the doors to condemnation and prosecution of the very ones who’ve dared to raid Mar-a-Lago; of the very ones who plotted this public spectacle; of the very ones who’ve underestimated — to their detriment — the pro-America, pro-liberty, pro-America First faction of this nation.

America is the land of the free.

Trump was not the president who gave us a land of freedom. But he was the modern-day president who fought, exhaustively and successfully, the forces who would tell us otherwise.

He was the face of the fight for freedom.

And what the FBI and the deep state and the Davos crowd and the WEF and the Gates and Faucis and Democrats and communists and socialists of the world don’t get is that Trump supporters are freedom fighters. Targeting the face of the freedom fight for takedown and total destruction doesn’t make the rest of the fighters go away.

It only energizes them.

This is America, after all. And Americans love a good fight.

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