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Two weeks to the day after the Supreme Court belatedly overturned its misbegotten 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, President Biden last Friday strode before TV cameras in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to pander to pro-choice extremists, who now effectively dictate Democratic Party policy on the issue.

Why the Roosevelt Room? Perhaps Mr. Biden envisions himself as the second coming of the Rough Rider himself, riding to the rescue of “the right to choose,” a phrase he used three times in his remarks — although the verb “choose” was never followed by its direct object, “abortion.” (That, as we have noted previously, is because “choice” is a euphemism for abortion, the only “choice” the left will tolerate.)

Following nearly 20 minutes of rambling, gaffe-riddled remarks that The Washington Post described as “fiery and at times angry,” Biden signed an executive order dubbed “Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Services.”

Largely for show, the order only tinkers at the margins, and the speech was more telling for what Mr. Biden didn’t say than for what he did say.

Mr. Biden used the term “woman” 22 times, according to the official White House transcript of the remarks. While that was a tacit recognition that there are in fact still only two genders and that men can neither get pregnant nor have an abortion, it had to have rankled the radical LBGTQ left.

The LBGTQ lobby — and its stenographers at the Post and elsewhere in the news media — have “disappeared” women in favor of more “inclusive” language, such as “birthing person,” “pregnant people” and even “bodies with vaginas.” The Post’s report on the speech, for example, said Mr. Biden had “signaled his intention to protect access to medication abortion or abortion pills, and ensure that pregnant people [emphasis ours] in emergency situations can access the care they need even if their state has banned abortion.”

Mr. Biden’s speech also used the word “pregnant” or “pregnancy” six times and the word “birth” three times. Again, none of those references played along with the LBGTQ left’s semantic denial of chromosomal science.

Whatever else you might have thought of the speech — which was in equal measure demagogic and delusional — that at least was a small victory for precise language and a recognition of biological reality.

That said, it likely didn’t go over very well with the science deniers at the Human Rights Campaign.

Mr. Biden’s Friday rant also used the words “extreme” or “extremist” 17 times to describe the conservative-led Supreme Court and its long-overdue ruling striking down Roe — which sent abortion policymaking back to the states, where it properly belongs — and any pro-life Republican politicians who supported the decision.  

Mr. Biden wants Congress to codify Roe into federal law, but if anything is truly “extreme,” it’s the misleadingly named Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022, congressional Democrats’ vehicle for pursuing an end-run around the Supreme Court.

Far from just restoring the status quo ante on Roe, the Women’s Health Protection Act would legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. It would wipe off the books virtually all existing federal and state abortion restrictions, end the 45-year-old Hyde Amendment ban on federal taxpayer funding for abortions, and even override parental notification and consent laws governing minors’ abortions.

“The truth is,” the president declaimed, “today’s Supreme Court majority is playing fast and loose with the facts.”

Mr. Biden again showed he has only a fleeting acquaintance with the truth, and it is he who is playing fast and loose with the facts to push the abortion agenda. Shame on him.

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