- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 30, 2022

Democrats have not been this angry since Abraham Lincoln freed their slaves.

The Jan. 6 committee investigation into the “insurrection” at the Capitol has been cast aside by Democrat activists in favor of firebombing pregnancy centers, threatening justices and fomenting insurrection around the country.

Outside the Supreme Court, placards read: “F—- SCOTUS,” “Death to the Supremes,” “The Court is Not Democracy” and “Expand the Court!” In other words, the Supreme Court is evil and undemocratic — so let’s make it bigger!

Oh, and the court is “undemocratic” — because it returned the issue of abortion to voters across the country. 

Makes no sense. But we appreciate your passion.    

Remember the quaint old days when Hillary Clinton and leading Democrat politicians wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” The sneaky selling point was “rare.” Reporters covering the issue were scolded that abortionists and their abortion enthusiasts were not “pro-abortion,” but “pro-choice.” 

That fig leaf has gone the way of a hippy’s bra and razor. 

“I will aid and abet abortion!” said all the pre-printed protest signs handed out in front of the Supreme Court after last week’s ruling.

Though, it sure is nice to hear leftist ladies return to certainty about what a “woman” is. And glad they rediscovered their old “my body, my choice” placards in the back of their closets. Watching them obediently submit to government authority about masks and broken vaccines these past few years has been such a turn-off.

It’s like the quote on the internet this week: You wore a face mask for two years. You can wear a condom for 48 seconds.

On the brighter side, nothing promotes chivalry and chastity among men more than a bunch of angry ladies stripping off their shirts and running through the streets flopping all around and screeching crazed slogans about their menstrual cycle.

Please — just put your shirts back on.

Here, please, take my jacket. Anything!

And now we have a so-called “sex strike.” Really? Do you think that will be effective?

It’s just so many people upset about something they will never have to worry about who are now threatening to withhold something nobody wants.

Sorry, but this is not going to work.

But now Democrats tell us they have Republicans just where they want them going into November’s elections. This is just the briar patch Democrats were hoping for. They are going to make the election about abortion!

This is because all the other issues such as the economy, gas prices, border security and crime are not exactly winners for Democrats this year. Especially since they control both chambers of Congress and the White House and all the big cities where the misery is worst these days.

Anyway, if abortion is such a great issue for Democrats to run on, then why have they fought so hard for 50 years to keep abortion out of political elections? Why hand such an effective political issue over to the courts and out of the hands of voters?

Every time there is some horrible school shooting, Americans are reminded that Democrats are willing to exploit any issue to advance their political agenda. So why not exploit abortion?

The harsh reality is that abortion is probably not the effective political issue that Democrats claim it is. We will find out in November as they become the party of abortion, crime and inflation. 

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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