- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 9, 2022

The out-of-touch has never been so in-your-face. 

Crime, poverty and lawlessness are all around us. Yet politicians in Washington just want to preen for the cameras.

So many of the plagues set upon innocent American citizens these past 18 months are directly the result of the heartless, self-serving and brain-dead policies of the very politicians in Washington we now see preening for TV.

The highest gas prices in history are not an unintended consequence or some side effect of Democrat global warming policies. They are precisely the point of those Democrat global warming policies.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan openly laughed at the high gas prices while seated before the cameras in Washington this week. She drives an electric vehicle, the cost of which starts at roughly the median annual income of the constituents she supposedly represents in Washington.

“I drove it from Michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was,” she preened in a green suit the color of money. From high on the committee dais, she smiled smugly, her copious red lipstick smearing from her lips like too much wine.

And this woman thinks she represents the former automobile capital of the world? 

Jimmy Hoffa was rolling in his grave. Marie Antoinette fainted.

And where was President Biden for this singular moment of political gluttony? He was busy preparing for the safe, still, warm waters of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in a desperate bid to resuscitate his lifeless poll numbers in time for the November elections.

More specifically, Mr. Biden was stumbling — yet again! — up the stairs to Air Force One for the flight out to Los Angeles to tape “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

What is it about Mr. Biden that his entire life he keeps falling upward? Every stumble, every failure, every lie — he just keeps falling upward. Up, up, up and all the way into the White House.

Only in Washington, folks. Only in Washington.

Meanwhile, innocent American voters everywhere have finally snapped. They are not putting up with it any longer. 

San Francisco voters took the extraordinary step of recalling the city’s Democrat prosecutor over the lawlessness, crime and misery that has become the hallmark of Mr. Biden’s presidency. This on the heels of those same voters booting three city school board members for being obsessed with renaming schools instead of teaching children.

What’s the lesson Mr. Biden’s Democrats in Washington are learning from this? More preening!

Democrats kick off a series of extraordinary primetime hearings this week into the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 of last year. It is the third failed impeachment trial of a president who left office a year and a half ago. 

They — literally — cannot quit Donald J. Trump. That’s because if they did, they would be left to defend all of their terrible policies that destroy Americans’ lives, making them poorer at home and weaker in the world.

This primetime show trial in Congress will be another giant flop for Democrats — just like the time they ground the entire federal government to a halt for the first pointless, fake impeachment trial as a pandemic from China stalked the shores of our country.

Perhaps we should be grateful that — finally! — Democrats in Congress have found rioting, lawlessness and mayhem that they actually oppose. For a year before the Jan. 6 riot, American cities burned, citizens were killed, and cops were firebombed. But Democrats in Congress did not mind because it was all for a good cause.

Anyway, it wasn’t their place of business that was being destroyed.

And as they convene their prime-time show trial, our schools are under attack by crazed lunatics, our borders are overrun by illegal aliens, and Supreme Court justices and their families live under the threat of assassination. But Democrats in Congress do not care about any of that.

The challenge for Democrats is that nobody in America cares anymore about their fevered obsession with former President Donald Trump or that time a year and a half ago when they were afraid for their own safety at work.

But Ms. Stabenow and Democrats in Congress love their foie gras, so they are going to force-feed these hearings until our livers explode — all for their own greedy political satisfaction.

Unfortunately for long-suffering, innocent Americans, we are the goose in this force-feeding scenario, which is not very pleasant. But at least we get to pay for it all!

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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