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Unlike President Biden, actor Bruce Willis has a family who cares deeply about him, his dignity and the profession to which he has dedicated his life.

Mr. Willis’ loving family — including ex-wife actress Demi Moore — announced this week that the famous actor has been diagnosed with aphasia and is retiring from his blockbuster career in high-drama action comedies. Aphasia is a condition that erases the brain’s ability to formulate thoughts into simple words.

“He was having cognitive problems,” a source close to Mr. Willis told the New York Post. “They all knew Bruce was having problems.”

Physically, Mr. Willis is fine and loves cranking out movies — eight last year — despite years of obvious and unavoidable neurological decline. Increasingly, movie producers eager for Mr. Willis’ talents and star power have been going to enormous lengths to accommodate the star. They used earpieces to feed him lines while filming scenes and deployed body doubles to maximize his screen time. They even shot movies closer to his home to capture more of his fading mental state.

“It was increasingly difficult to have him on screen,” the source said. “It was becoming super obvious he was having trouble.”

Sound familiar?

Now, consider for a moment if Mr. Willis were surrounded by a deeply dysfunctional family driven by greed and power who did not care the slightest whiff about Mr. Willis or his legendary career or his legacy as one of the greatest fan-favorite actors of all time? 

Of course, they would bleed him dry. They would leave him to wander into the bright lights and bumble around on stage. They would stand by counting their money as he lashed out in angry public outbursts and humiliated himself in front of the whole world.

Does that sound familiar, too?

Mr. Biden — known among the family as “the Big Guy” for his guaranteed 10% skim of all ill-gotten profits — is surrounded by family who simply does not care about him or his dignity or his political legacy after 50 years in Washington.

The truth is, Mr. Biden’s career is not terribly impressive by any measure. As former President Barack Obama reportedly observed about his vice president: Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to screw things up. 

But no man deserves the humiliating spectacle Mr. Biden has put on over the past year and a half, particularly during these past few weeks during the hottest European war in 70 years.

Mr. Biden went to Poland and told American troops they would be deployed into war in Ukraine and dismissed the Constitution they signed up to die for as “corny.”

He lamented the immigration crisis at Poland’s border caused by the war. He compared it to the immigration crisis at America’s border caused by Mr. Biden himself. Indeed, if Russian President Vladimir Putin is the butcher of Ukraine, Mr. Biden is the butcher of Texas.

Then Mr. Biden threatened to use chemical weapons against Russia and rewrote longstanding American policy by calling for regime change in Moscow. Both unhinged statements were immediately snapped up for use in Russian war propaganda and could very easily spark a World War III that would annihilate the planet.

President Teddy Roosevelt’s famous diplomacy was: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” 

Mr. Biden’s diplomacy? Speak incoherently and wear no pants.

This rolling catastrophe on the world’s stage is all the more remarkable considering Mr. Biden’s 50 years of experience with foreign policy. But the truth is, Washington is the one place on earth where the more experience you gain, the dumber you become.

Turns out, when it comes to American foreign policy carnage going back decades, Mr. Biden has been the problem all along.

Honestly, the only mandate Mr. Biden carried into the White House from the 2020 election was to stop tweeting. And end the chaos.

In barely one year in office, Mr. Biden has amped the chaos to new and real and serious levels never dreamed of during the previous administration. And the White House is forced to issue shocking tweets every six minutes to clean up all the disasters Mr. Biden creates every time he opens his mouth.

If Mr. Biden’s family cared about him or his legacy or the country, they would step in and usher him off the stage into retirement. 

America cannot survive another three years of this. And neither can the world.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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