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NEW YORK — In what we hope are the last, desperate death gurgles of their long, sordid history with racist political strategies, the Democrat party is accusing others of “normalizing anti-semitism.”

Rappers, popular comedians, loudmouth provocateurs on the internet, Donald Trump and even Jews have all been smeared as antisemites in this latest campaign effort to condemn all enemies of the Democrat party as the ideological descendants of Adolf Hitler.

It all came to a perfectly modern, post-political circus supernova last week when Ye — the rapper formerly known as Yeezy, who was the rapper formerly known as Kanye West — visited former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago for dinner and brought along with him an internet creature named Nick Fuentes, who we are told is a leading White supremacist despite being Hispanic.

Indeed, these are confusing times. But racism has long been a powerful political motivator for the Democrat party, and such tactics are hard to kick — especially for those who will do anything to cling to power.

“Identity politics,” they call it.

The response to Mr. Trump’s uninvited dinner guest was typically explosive and came from Democrats and internet outrage merchants, and it was dutifully amplified by miserable “journalists” who have nothing better to talk about.

They asked President Biden about the dinner and he replied: “You don’t want to know what I think.” In other words, the media was handling all the incendiary Democrat messaging for him, so he did not need to add anything.

Now, as for Mr. Trump: Perhaps he should not have accepted Mr. West’s self-invitation to dinner — and certainly not that of the uninvited internet nut job who tagged along. But Mr. Trump is always eager for entertainment, and in that, Mr. West rarely disappoints.

Mr. Trump says that he — like the vast majority of decent, hardworking Americans — had never heard of the Hispanic “White supremacist” Nick Fuentes. For certain, it says far more about Democrats and American “journalists” that they spend so much time listening to fiery rantings of antisemitic Brown White supremacists on the internet.

Seriously, what kind of sickos spend their time listening to this kind of nonsense? Certainly not Mr. Trump. Or the rest of us.

There is nothing “normal” or “normalizing” about any of this.

But speaking of “normalizing antisemitism,” you know what is actually “normalizing antisemitism”? Climbing into bed with the Mullahs of Iran and striking a deal to give the world’s leading open antisemites nuclear weapons.

You know what else “normalizes antisemitism”? Sending $400 million in pallets of unmarked U.S. cash on a plane under the cover of darkness to the worst antisemites on the planet, who openly vow to obliterate Israel for being Jewish. Oh, and who also happen to be the largest state sponsors of terrorism.

Did Mr. Trump do that? No, that would be Mr. Biden and the Democrats who did that.

Mr. Trump came along and tore up their dirty deal with Iran that would have led to the nuclear annihilation of the Jewish state. Further, it was Mr. Trump who hatched the Abraham Accords, the single most extensive peace agreement between Israel and her neighbors in the Middle East.

But sure, Mr. Trump is “normalizing antisemitism” by dining with Mr. West and some uninvited internet personality that Democrats and the media listen to online. Also, Mr. Trump’s own flesh and blood are Jewish, which for Democrats only underscores how sneaky the Jews can be.

Meanwhile, House Democrats are elevating new leadership to pick up the mantle of the party’s openly racist political strategies. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, New York Democrat, supports a new federal program where White and Hispanic American taxpayers pay “reparations” to African Americans for the slavery their forbearers endured over 150 years ago.

This is truly nuts — not to mention deeply destructive, openly racist and hateful. The only silver lining is that embracing such a program would finally destroy the Democrat party forever. 

Speaking of punishing descendants and “normalizing antisemitism” and racist political tactics, has anybody heard of a man named Leonard Jeffries? As a professor at City College of New York, Mr. Jeffries had a long and deeply troubling history of shamelessly smearing “the Jews” for bankrolling the slave trade and blaming “the Jews” in Hollywood for peddling negative portrayals of Africa Americans in movies.

According to news accounts, Mr. Jeffries was once accused of telling students in his Black studies class that “Jews are dogs.”

Leonard Jeffries also happens to be the uncle of Hakeem Jeffries, who is now poised to become Democrat leader in the House of Representatives.

So the question is this: Has Hakeem Jeffries ever dined with Leonard Jeffries?

• Charles Hurt is opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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