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Sen. Elizabeth Warren is often an outspoken critic of economic goliaths like Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco, but has most recently aimed her vitriol at those she perceives as competitors of the multibillion-dollar industry that is Big Abortion: pregnancy help centers. With the ink hardly dry on the SCOTUS Dobbs ruling overturning Roe, Ms. Warren is racing to protect abortion profits and political power.

Never mind that the Massachusetts Democrat’s state remains firmly an Abortion State.

Her grave concern, apparently, is that women might be swayed from securing an abortion, even going so far as to falsely say pregnancy help centers seek to “harm” women. The harm she fears is women being “talked out” of an abortion.

What if they don’t really want abortion to begin with? What if they are feeling pressured by their circumstances or even another person? In Ms. Warren’s world, the only acceptable outcome is that each and every woman has only the option of abortion. She wants no safe space where these women can process all their choices.

Ms. Warren wants no competitor to Big Abortion.

To be clear, Ms. Warren has voted consistently to use taxpayer funds to fill the coffers of the nation’s largest purveyor of abortion, Planned Parenthood. She’s worked to ensure that the U.S. government pays for abortions in distant countries. She’s insisted that companies that fundamentally disagree with abortion should have to pay for them anyway.

Ms. Warren wasted no time railroading Massachusetts’ newly pregnant moms into the ideological profiteering of Big Abortion. Presumably, she would do the same for every state in the Union.

Perhaps this is because Ms. Warren knows political contributions from Big Abortion pay her bills and fund her campaigns.

Or maybe it is because pregnancy centers represent an easy target for a liberal political powerhouse.

Crisis pregnancy centers — as Ms. Warren prefers to call them — are universally local, grassroots efforts raised up by concerned citizens who believe that women need alternatives to abortion. Their funding is predominantly from private individuals, mostly from the faith community, who want to make sure that women have a chance to choose something besides abortion — whether that is the opportunity to choose to parent, or perhaps choose the parents of a loving, welcoming home.

Unlike abortion clinics, services are free of charge at pregnancy centers. Women facing an unintended pregnancy can receive a pregnancy test, material items, relationship counseling, and even sonograms from licensed or certified health care professionals — at no cost. Often these pregnancy centers are staffed by volunteers who give their time, their care and their concern to help women overcome the temporary obstacles that push them toward abortion instead of parenting.

Love is what motivates pregnancy help centers. Love for the woman facing a difficult decision. Love for the life she carries. Love for the family being created. That’s why pregnancy centers deeply believe women can do amazing things and achieve amazing heights. They certainly believe in a woman’s intrinsic ability to make way for motherhood.

The testimony of how well pregnancy centers serve women is from the women themselves. National studies of exit surveys by pregnancy center clients show an exceptionally high satisfaction rate — above 95%. That’s because the women feel loved, cared for and listened to by those that serve them.

Indeed, sometimes pregnancy centers have staff that were former clients who know well that a little well-timed, specialized help can be all that’s needed to make the decision to carry their baby to term.

More often, however, pregnancy centers are staffed by those that have their own abortion experience, one where they felt helpless to make any other decision. They’re determined not to let another woman face the same situation alone or, worse, be left in the hands of the abortionist who really offers only one “choice.”

Sadly, this is exactly what Big Abortion puppets like Ms. Warren would have — taxpayer funding of any and all abortions and rigid rules that effectively box out any interference into the monopoly on so-called reproductive rights. I’m sure Big Abortion proudly approves.

• Jor-El Godsey is president of Heartbeat International.

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