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If the gold medalists of NIMBYism on Martha’s Vineyard have taught us anything in the last week, it’s that for them illegal immigration makes for a great conversation at a cocktail party but dealing with it is another matter entirely. For the American left, the open borders issue is a political game where people are objects to be moved on, around and off the board. That elitism is leaving a body count in its wake that is growing and certainly not discussed over lobster rolls at your favorite beach club.

People are dying every day in this country due to the administration’s immigration policies — American and illegal alike — and if President Biden is at all still self-aware, he must know that. Nearly two years into this administration the president has shown a near-total disregard for the human cost of his policies. It is a callousness that is arguably evil.

The Biden White House wants you to believe on one hand that the border is secure, and on the other that their immigration policy is humane. Basic facts demonstrate both of those assertions are a lie.

Since the beginning of the Biden administration, the U.S. Border Patrol has recovered the bodies of more than 1000 illegal immigrants who were enticed to come to this country because of the Biden border and welfare policies. Causes of death range from dehydration and drowning to exposure and asphyxiation. That number naturally doesn’t include those who have died en route to the United States, which could easily be thousands more, according to immigration experts.

Brave Americans in the Border Patrol have made more than 30,000 life-saving rescues, putting themselves in harm’s way to help these folks who are at dire risk of death or serious injury. Instead of giving them more help, the president and Democrats are doubling the size of the IRS.

Mr. Biden must know that 30% of illegal women and young girls are sexually assaulted because of his ‘Welcome Mat’ immigration policy and gobs of ‘free’ stuff offered to those who come here. Girls as young as 14 are given abortion pills because it is expected they will be raped on the way to the border. 

Mr. Biden must know that the number of crimes associated with illegal aliens during his presidency is spiking, though exact numbers are impossible to obtain due to deliberately vague and deceptive reporting from law enforcement agencies.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting system inexplicably still doesn’t track crimes committed by illegal aliens. We do know the Department of Homeland Security has already nabbed 78 illegals on the U.S. terrorism watch list this year. More than 10,000 criminals have been apprehended in the fiscal year 2022 by CPB, well more than double the 2019 figure.

Mr. Biden certainly knows that more than 108,000 Americans died in 2021 from fentanyl shipped across the open border.

The mother of the girl was robbed by an undocumented gang member. The father of the fentanyl overdose victim. The family of the illegal immigrant who died was raped or is now a hostage of the cartels. They all are now joined together in Mr. Biden’s fraternity of suffering.

According to the president, the existential threats to America include climate change, White supremacy, and to some degree Trump supporters. That fabrication is meant to cover for real threats like China, mounting debt and an open border that is claiming lives every day.

Documentarian Ken Burns may have exposed himself for being a shameless shill for the far-left with his hypocritical comments comparing the busing of migrants to the Holocaust. But in a strange way, he has a point. Just like the Nazis, who didn’t care if people lived or died, this administration apparently couldn’t care less about the human cost of their border policy.

Just like how the Nazis moved Jews to camps where they were slaves of the state until they were exterminated, the Biden administration has created a new underclass of illegal Americans, indebted to the cartels or locked in a welfare system that keeps them tethered to the state.

Like all leftist ideologies, this administration, and the elites of the new Democrat Party have embraced the historical truth that maintaining power and control for a few, always means a heavy cost for the many.

For the left, when you make an omelet, you break a few eggs. You just roll out James Taylor to sing a few songs and think everyone will just forget.

• Tom Basile is the host of “America Right Now” on Newsmax Television, an author and a former Bush administration official.

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