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If the bureaucrats in global governance have their way, a new international treaty will be in effect by the end of 2024 requiring local communities around the world to go by a total top-down checklist of pandemic response measures.

If you thought COVID tyrants were bad, wait for this treaty. It will be the end of medical choice — of individual freedom — as we know it.

“The next pandemic could be just around the corner,” said Japan Chapagain, secretary-general of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, in remarks tied to the release of the organization’s World Disasters Report 2022.

“Could be” — or could not be.

That’s the language of those who obfuscate. And that’s the language that drove pretty much all the COVID-19-tied mitigation efforts for more than three years, both in America and around the world. Think Dr. Anthony Fauci, the face for forever lockdowns. 

We could face millions of deaths …

There are potentially millions who could die …

It’s quite possible more could die, more might get sick, more perhaps will be sent to the hospitals …

Data? What data?

Those who are for science — as Fauci famously proclaimed — don’t need data and facts so much as really scary prognostications. And the scarier the better. Nobody cares about truth when fabrications and falsifications are frightening enough to drive out critical thinking and common sense. 

So COVID only proved fatal for slightly above 1% of those who tested positive for it — in the entire world? 

That didn’t stop the World Economic Forum from reporting this, in early February: “WHO keeps highest COVID-19 alert level in place.”

Likely, there are lots of Big Pharma vaccine dollars at risk if the COVID emergency is called off too early. But isn’t it interesting that the global bureaucrats, even while keeping in place the “highest form of alert” for COVID, nonetheless report this as well: “More than 6.8 million people have died during the outbreak … [but] Due to varying protocols and challenges in the attribution of the cause of death, the number of confirmed deaths may not accurately represent the true number of deaths caused by COVID-19.”


The numbers lie.

For instance, in America, hospitals are financially incentivized — to this day! — to continue to report COVID positives in their patients, and to continue to push their patients onto breathing machines, citing COVID reasons. That’s because Joe Biden continues to use his presidential powers to declare COVID-19 health emergencies that open the door to tax dollars to flow into COVID-treating medical facilities. The more COVID, the more money.

It’s a classic racket.

Even without the money flow, though, the idea of COVID of today constituting a crisis around the world is ludicrous.

The World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and Our World in Data all cite the same COVID numbers — of 672 million reported cases around the world, 6.85 million resulted in deaths. That’s just a bit over 1%.

Catch COVID — there’s a 99% chance of recovery. 

By now, too, it’s clear, those who die from COVID are elderly and/or largely suffer from other medical conditions, including diabetes and obesity. 

Such lies. So many deceptions.

But it’s these lies and deceptions that are now being used by the global powers to justify a need for an international treaty to regulate how localities respond to future pandemics.

“The world is not prepared for future pandemics, according to the IRFC,” WeForum.org writes, citing the World Disasters Report 2022.

WeForum.org goes on to write, “The report says that countries should review their legislation to ensure it is in line with their pandemic preparedness plans by the end of 2023. It says they should also adopt a new treaty and revised International Health Regulations by next year [2024] that would invest more in the readiness of local communities.”

The IFRC also wants more money — specifically, an uptick of 1% of gross domestic product from participating nations, for a total of at least $15 billion per year.

“[It’s a] good investment to make,” Chapagain said.

“The important thing is there has to be a political will to commit to that,” Chapagain said.

As for America — beware.

Team Biden is all in with the global bureaucrats. Under this White House, the “political will” to give away tax dollars to the global bodies, as well as commit American citizens and communities to obey the tenets of a new global health treaty, is certainly there — is certainly a certainty.

There’s a reason these global bureaucrats want to get both the treaty and new international health regulations in print and out the door before the end of 2024: that’s when America elects its next president.

Biden is their best hope.

The next president probably won’t be so Great Reset and global dominance happy.

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