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The United Nations Human Rights Council is poised to prepare and release a report on the “perceived contradictions” between the LGBTQ agenda and religious teachings.

In other words: Here come the global attacks on biblical teachings and truths.

The basics are this: In June, the Human Rights Council meets for its 53rd session. At this meeting, the “U.N. Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” or IE-SOGI, will give an update on how to prevent violence against those who identify with the LGBTQ community, including a bullet list of recommendations on the biggest, baddest threats of violence and persecution to this community.

Like the church.

Like religion.

Like the Bible.

“[T]he IE-SOGI will explore the legal, political, and ethical dynamics between the human rights of persons with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and the human right to freedom of religion or belief, as well as the narratives surrounding the implementation of these sets of rights,” the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights reported on its website.

“The report will examine long-established and emerging discourses driving perceived contradictions between the right to freedom of religion [FoRB] or belief and freedom from violence and discrimination [SOGI],” the website continues.

“The report will put forward recommendations to States and other relevant stakeholders to fully comply with their obligations under international human rights law to protect and empower LGBT+ persons to pursue happiness, exercise and enjoy all their human rights, and choose how to contribute to society on an equal footing with everyone, including through effective participation in religious, cultural, social, and public life,” the website adds.

Among the probable findings will be accusatory language leveled at the church, at the Bible, at Christian teachings regarding homosexuality, regarding transgenderism — particularly of children — and regarding the true definition of marriage and the traditional, biblically centered view of family.

The United Nations has long lusted to tear down America’s religious freedom for many, many reasons — not the least of which is it’s the basis of American Exceptionalism, that is, that individuals are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that government is only instituted as a protector of those God-given rights.

If individuals get their rights from God, after all, what need for government except to serve — right? That’s a fearful scenario for tyrants, for globalists, for elitists, for Democrats.

If these Big Government types can’t insert themselves into daily living — into all the places where the Constitution limits and into all the situations where power-loving pols have no business in flexing powers — then it’s impossible for them to control the people. It’s impossible for government to gain the loyal following of people who are not reliant on government for cradle-to-grave entitlements. 

That is why Marxists and tyrants and communists always, sooner or later, and sooner than later, preferably, persecute with the intent to drive out religion. 

Government can’t gain the worship of the people if God stands in the way.

And boy, what a stumbling block America has proven to the communists at the United Nations. America, a nation founded first and foremost by those who sought religious freedom; a nation forged first and foremost on the concept of God-given rights; a nation steeped in the idea of individualism, not collectivism — this nation has been the final frontier for U.N. globalists to conquer in order to bring about a New World Order, a One World Order, a Great Reset order.

Sadly, times are changing in America to the point the religious scales are tipping, fewer and fewer are attending church, and more and more are buying into the lies and deceptions of the LGBTQ agenda, as well as the lies and deceptions of a woke culture that’s confusing the younger masses into pitting classes against classes. We’re losing the melting pot. We’re losing the common virtues and principles. We’re losing our religion.

Enter the Human Rights Commission with its looming recommendations for LGBTQ diversity and inclusion.

The words may be careful, the rhetoric may be couched, the lingo may be classic global bureau-speak, but you can bet the message in June from this HRC report will contain this marching order: Go forth and destroy the church. Go forth and destroy religious freedom. The battle plan will be to decry godly truths as discriminatory until the godly are stifled, silenced or pushed into the minority.

That is when America will cease being free.

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