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The European Union couldn’t get people to go along with its elitists’ all-court press to stop eating meat and instead eat bugs — so EU elites have sneaked in a rule to let manufacturers use smashed-up, ground-up crickets in place of flour in their starch-based foods.

In Mexico, it’s “don’t drink the water.” In the countries comprising the European Union, it’s “don’t eat the food.” Travelers to the region may want to stock up on MREs — the military’s version of breakfast, lunch and dinner, i.e., packaged and processed meals-ready-to-eat.

This bug affair isn’t just disgusting. It’s vomit-inducing disgusting. Can you use the crickets that are stomped by a knee-jerking housewife and peeled off the bottom of her shoe? Or are those off-limits, considered contaminated — albeit they’re already smashed and therefore half-prepped for powder? So many regulatory concerns. Will crickets one day be a protected species? Killing one carries a crime of five years’ imprisonment? After all — it is the food supply now, dontcha know.

EU Approves Use of House Crickets in Food Products,” XTalks reported.

Technically, they’re not called crickets, though. They’re called Acheta domesticus — the fancy, schmancy, science word for house cricket; as if that makes them more palatable.

The list of where these insects can be cooked is long.

EU food makers can now use house cricket powder in the production of several foods, including pizza and pasta-baked products; nuts and oil seeds; snacks and sauces; meat preparations and soups; multigrain bread and rolls; crackers and breadsticks; cereal bars; dry pre-mixes for baked products; biscuits; processed potato products; legume- and vegetable-based dishes; whey powder, maize flour-based snacks; beer-like beverages; and chocolate confectionary goods,” XTalks wrote.

In other words: pretty much everywhere, in everything.

This is all courtesy of the European Food Safety Authority — and it’s not just crickets that get the go-ahead as a sneaky food additive in most all edible EU products. It’s mealworms, too.

Meal. Worms.

Again, there’s a less visually horrifying term the EU prefers for mealworms: Alphitobius diaperinus larvae.

Because what you don’t know you’re eating won’t make you barf on the restaurant floor.

“Earlier this month, the EU Commission also approved the introduction of the frozen, paste, dried and powdered forms of Alphitobius diaperinus larvae, better known as the lesser mealworm, to the consumer food market,” XTalks wrote. “The insect’s larvae have also been found safe by the EFSA and, in the approved forms, are now allowed as ingredients in several food products and supplements.”

Remember the good ol’ days when a rumor of a roach in a beverage can — a whisper of a spider leg in a jar of peanut butter — a discovery of a small hair in a plate of served-up food — were all enough to cause widespread shock and awe, along with accompanying government investigation and crackdown on manufacturer and kitchen staff alike? Who knew there’d come a day when the European Union would scoop up all those cast-aside hairs and insect legs and bugs and repurpose them into food for the masses.

Food for the masses — but not the elites.

And this is the deeper disgusting evil here that’s taking place: Bill Gates and Davos elites and World Economic Forum globalists — and their many, many partners in the political leadership roles around the world — have decided that too many people populate the Earth; too little food is available to feed them all; and if people won’t die but rather insist, somewhat selfishly it would seem, on living, well, then, other foodstuffs must be found to stuff their mouths and bellies.

Enter, insects. They’re climate-friendly, after all. And that’s Point Number Two with this ghastly push to eat crickets and mealworms and heaven knows what other crawly, squirmy thing: These same Bill Gates-slash-Davos-elites-slash-billionaire-globalists who see newborn babies not as blessings from God but rather burdens to feed also cry climate change, climate change, climate change every chance they get. They worship nature. They worship the creation, not the Creator. And they use creation as a means of controlling humanity. Their typical Chicken Little cries?

Cows contribute to climate change.

Meat processing contributes to climate change.

Chicken farming contributes to climate change.

Save the planet; eat the bugs — and when people react with revulsion at the notion, the powers-who-be who delight in their own minds and who live solely to see how much they can control and conquer others — yes, those wicked powers-who-be simply change direction, shift gears and go sneaky.

They smash the bugs into practically invisible powder and slide it into mainstream as a substitute for flour so they can deviously say, years into the shift in the manufacturing processes — ‘Well, people, you’re already eating bugs in powder form. Might as well eat the bugs in chunky form, too.’”

Bugs on a plate.

Steamed crickets in white sauce.

Chocolate-covered mealworms, by the pound. First the European Union — next America. With Joe Biden at the presidential helm, you can bank on the attempt.

But if you think that’s what the menu at the White House or United Nations or Davos dinners will one day reflect, will ever reflect, think again.

Mealworms are for the masses. T-bones and tenderloins are for the elites.

Globalists and climate-change alarmists and elites may hail from different parts of the world, but they all share a common trait: hypocrisy.

While the peons of the world munch on crickets and walk to work and wear their face masks while bicycling and cook their dinners on electric ranges approved by the government, the elites will fly their friendly skies, face-mask free, social distancing be danged, on private jets staffed by specially chosen stewards and stewardesses who serve the choicest cuts of meats — in spaces, but of course, that have been completely sanitized, completely cleaned of all bugs, germs, insects, rodents and bacteria. 

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