Machiavelli must be watching the Democrats with mischievous amusement. They have elected as president an incompetent boob who does their bidding and gets led around by the Easter Bunny. They have distorted Emma Lazarus’ majestic words “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” into an obscene mandate to allow millions of illegal aliens to invade our country. They have bankrupted our nation by passing legislation costing trillions of dollars. We are experiencing persistent and crushing inflation.
Now that that the president has outlived his usefulness, the political left is in the process of throwing him under the bus. The Senate Democratic majority whip called President Biden’s handling of classified documents unacceptable. His chief of staff has resigned. The Republican-led House Oversight Committee is on the hunt to find to find even more classified documents, in addition to shining sunlight on Mr. Biden’s crackhead son. In short, the “Big Guy” is toast.
As a result, 2023 is going to resemble a plot from a James Patterson novel, but it won’t be nearly as entertaining. Enter a reset Kamala Harris, whose new staff (again) will try to fortify her word-salad speeches with more meat and potatoes, in addition to trying to tamp down her irritating cackle. Meanwhile, the women of “The View” will invite the well-coiffed California Gov. Gavin Newsom to appear on their show. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will promise not to take paternity leave during a national crisis. Sen. Elizabeth Warren will reprise her grumpy commercial and chug another beer. Who knows who else will come out of the woodwork?
Given the Democrats’ performance so far, we can expect them to continue to follow Machiavelli’s dictum: It is better to break promises if keeping them is against one’s interests. Fasten your seat belts. We are in for a rough ride.


Annapolis, Maryland

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