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At prison, eyeglass manufacture provides vision for success

- Associated Press

The orders were stacking up in front of her work station, but Ashley remained calm. With a practiced flick of her wrist, she dipped eyeglass lenses into pans of dye, watching the hue slowly darken to each customer's specification.

In this May 2018 photo, Lorenzo Belton, of Germantown, rides on the Philadelphia Prison Society bus to Smithfield and Huntingdon, in central Pennsylvania. Belton said he is on a fixed income, so these bus trips are a financial hardship. But, he said, "I think it's worth it. I'm going to see my son, to share some love." (Samantha Melamed/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Can the rural prison economy survive decarceration era?

- Associated Press

It was still dark, not yet 5 a.m., when Cynthia Mason climbed onto the coach bus outside 30th Street Station. It was so early she'd decided it was better not to go to bed at all; she couldn't risk oversleeping, not when she finally had the chance to see her son.

For these workers, dad is also the boss

- Associated Press

David John DeMarco, one of the owners of Modern Dental Group in Erie, always felt that he might have disappointed his father, the late John J. DeMarco, M.D., an Erie obstetrician, who delivered more than 12,000 babies.

Columbia Falls weightlifter to compete in Special Olympics

- Associated Press

Icelandic powerlifter Jon Pall Sigmarsson is shirtless and grunting, his two massive hands gripping a giant axel with monstrous wagon wheels on each end during a televised a strongman competition in the late 1980s. His face flushing red with effort, he takes one more rhythmic breath, straightens his arms and back, then slowly brings his legs to life to raise the enormous weight a few inches into the air.

In a Friday, June 8, 2018 photo, Dawn, left, and Steve Finnie talk about the new Little Thistle Brewing Company taproom, in Rochester, Minn. (Andrew Link/The Rochester Post-Bulletin via AP)

Brewery to open in Rochester

- Associated Press

In August, if all goes according to plan, Little Thistle Brewing will open its doors, adding a fifth brewery to the city's burgeoning industry.

Institute aims to create a new generation of Lakota speakers

- Associated Press

Dawn Frank breaks from the interview to answer a family text message. Her daughters attend Stanford University. When they text back home to their mom and aunts on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, it's often in Lakota.

Iowa to get new K-9 training center

- Associated Press

On command of trainer Tyler Brownell, the Belgian Malinois/Dutch shepherd mix lunges, clamping down on the well-protected arm of trainer Matt Harris. On Brownell's command, Krush releases Harris. Praise and play follow. A law enforcement K-9 in training, Krush is one bad good boy.

Major studio in Columbus will be home for film students

- Associated Press

Taking a break from production of his latest film, "My Brother's Keeper," now being shot in Columbus, Ty Manns expressed confidence that the city can become a thriving mecca of movie-making in the coming years.

BLM agrees to pay energy company $1.5M for canceled leases

Associated Press

The Bureau of Land Management has agreed to pay SG Interests $1.5 million after the energy company sued over the cancellation of 18 oil and gas leases covering more than 30 square miles (78 square kilometers) in the Thompson Divide area in western Colorado.