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Americans for Prosperity launches $1M ad campaign against Obamacare

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Americans for Prosperity, the free-market advocacy group bankrolled by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, is launching a $700,000 ad campaign against President Obama’s health care overhaul as the administration rushes to implement parts of it before October.

The announcement that the administration would delay the so-called “employer mandate” in the law has re-energized opponents, who say that the move is more evidence that the entire law should be repealed.

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“Two years ago, my son Caleb began having seizures. The medical care he received meant the world to me. Now, I’m paying more attention and I have some questions about Obamacare,” says a woman, identified as “Julie,” in an advertisement.

AFP says the campaign is in response to ads touting the benefits of the law from groups such as Organizing for Action, which was spun off from President Obama’s re-election campaign, according to The Hill.

“With so much disinformation out there, we felt it was extremely important to educate those who are most likely to suffer negative effects under ObamaCare, and help keep them informed and prepared,” AFP President Tim Phillips said in a statement to The Hill.

“As premiums go up and healthcare options decrease, there are increasing questions and concerns about the law. Our risk calculator explains in plain English the many negative consequences of ObamaCare being faced by individual Americans.”

The ad will debut in Ohio and Virginia. The campaign also reportedly will include Web ads, including a website that will let people calculate how much the law could cost them.

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