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AlPacino stars in Danny Collins, now avaialbel on Blu-ray from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Blu-ray review: Danny Collins

- The Washington Times

Al Pacino stars as a debauched and aging rock star that found a creative spark from an unusual source in a heartwarming film now available in the high definition format.

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Escanaba gallery's exhibit industrializes the arts

- Associated Press

Art can be many different things to many different people. Drawing and painting, or sculpture, for instance. These are the fine arts, or those whose creations are primarily aesthetic and for visual pleasure. There are also the performing arts. Theatre, dance, and music -- all of which have enjoyed a rich history in this community -- are included in this category. And then there are the industrial arts, such as drafting and engineering.

Poop-sniffing dogs work for wildlife researchers

- Associated Press

Shelter dogs too intense or feisty to be adopted are helping wildlife scientists by doing what comes naturally - running through the woods and sniffing for the poop of other animals.

Drone supporters say ban around Georgia Capitol goes too far

- Associated Press

Drone enthusiasts are calling a ban on the unmanned vehicles within five miles of Georgia's Capitol an overreach of authority by state officials, while agency officials argue the change is necessary and follows federal guidelines.

This Thursday June 25, 2015, image shows Marshall University student-athletes make use of the 14,000-square-foot academic center, which opened earlier this month in Huntington, W.Va.  (Craig Cunningham/Charleston Daily Mail via AP)

Marshall's new academic center a boost for student-athletes

- Associated Press

When Marshall athletic director Mike Hamrick first returned to the university in that job, the former Thundering Herd linebacker asked where student-athletes went for tutoring, computer labs and academic advising. He didn't like what he saw.

Mexico City proposes regulations for Uber

Associated Press

Mexico City is proposing regulations that would allow Uber and other smartphone-based ride-sharing apps to operate, while requiring drivers and cars to be registered, the city's Office of Legal and Legislative Studies said Friday.

Farmers go high-tech in bid to reduce bay pollution

- Associated Press

The fields near here are lush and green, but farmer Kyle Hutchison wanted to give his corn crop one last dose of plant food before the chest-high stalks grew too tall to treat.