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Kenyan paramilitary soldiers move forward to disperse Muslim youths outside the Musa Mosque in Mombasa, days after the Aug. 27 killing of Aboud Rogo Mohammed, a Muslim preacher accused of links to a terrorist group in Somalia. “Extremism divides people as ‘we versus them’ and that brings tension,” said the Rev. Wilybard Lagho, a Catholic priest who is chairman of an interfaith group of clerics in Mombasa which gathers to discuss their common concerns. (Associated Press)

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LeBron James' 'I can't breathe' T-shirt the latest display of politics on the playing field

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James on Monday night during pregame warmups wore an “I can’t breathe” T-shirt, referring to Eric Garner, who died after a New York police officer placed him in a chokehold during an arrest for selling loose cigarettes. The shirt, one of several featuring the slogan that have been seen around the league in recent days after a grand jury declined to indict the officer last week, is just one in a long history of political statements made by athletes on the playing field. Here are some others.