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Candy wrappers lead police to burglars

A police dog had an easy time tracking people who broke into a gasoline station by following a trail of candy wrappers the burglars left, Anne Arundel police said.

Four teenagers broke into a gasoline station early yesterday and left a trail of candy bar wrappers along the road as they left, said Cpl. Mark Shawkey, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

The police dog located the teens a quarter-mile away.

“Never heard of a K-9 having that extra help in completing a track,” Cpl. Shawkey said.

Three boys and a girl, ages 15 and 16, were charged with burglary and theft. They were not named because of their ages.

Cpl. Shawkey said the teens stole candy, chips and cigars from the BP station. Most of the junk food was found scattered around the road where they were apprehended.


Suspect in abuse case returns to prison

A Liberian man whose sexual abuse case was dismissed last month because of problems finding an interpreter for his native language is back in police custody for failing to appear at a court hearing on prosecution efforts to reinstate the charges, authorities said.

Mahamu Kanneh of Gaithersburg was taken into custody in Philadelphia by city police Monday night after he did not appear at a hearing last Friday. Prosecutors hoped to impose conditions on his release while they appeal the July decision by a Montgomery Circuit Court judge to dismiss the charges.

Mr. Kanneh tried to escape through a back door when Philadelphia police arrived at the residence where he was staying, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Darren Popkin said.

Mr. Kanneh could be returned to the county as early as today.

In July, charges that Mr. Kanneh sexually abused two young girls were dismissed by a judge who concluded his right to a speedy trial had been violated. That came after several years during which the court struggled to find a qualified interpreter who spoke Vai, a relatively rare West African language.

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