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A POGO analysis of federal contractors found 62 - ranging from top research universities to major defense and health companies - that could violate the House measure.

“It would be a sort of nuclear bomb on government contracting,” said Ms. Brian, the group’s executive director.

Among those she says could lose contracts are Boeing, which POGO said paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits that charged the company placed defective gears in helicopters it sold to the Army. Also on the list is Northrop Grumman Corp., which paid $15 million in fines to settle charges it sold aircraft navigation systems in violation of U.S. arms export laws.

A spokesman for Northrop Grumman said the company had no comment, while Doug Kennett, a spokesman for Boeing, would say only that “the legislation under discussion has zero impact on Boeing.”

ACORN has come under fire recently after conservative activists posed as a prostitute and pimp and, while on hidden camera, captured ACORN employees giving advice on how to avoid taxes. Other organization employees have been indicted on voter registration fraud charges.

Those incidents prompted a bipartisan backlash against ACORN, culminating in congressional action this month.

Congressional offices said ACORN has received at least $53 million in taxpayer money since 1994.

Some Republicans are leading a call to have the Internal Revenue Service remove ACORN’s tax-exempt status, arguing that ACORN is not a single entity and it’s impossible to understand everything in which the organization is involved.

ACORN did not return a call for comment but has said it agrees with Mr. Nadler’s analysis of the problems with the congressional efforts.

The House voted 345-75, with all 75 opposing votes coming from Democrats. Two Democrats voted present. The Senate voted 85-11 to cut off ACORN funding in the parks and public lands spending bill, and voted and 83-7 to cut off funding in the transportation bill.

Mr. Johanns plans to offer another amendment to the pending Defense Department spending bill.