Rex Ryan’s made-for-TV Jets a big, bleepin’ hit

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“People say we love to talk,” Cotchery said. “And, they say we talk a lot.”

That’s just fine with the Jets. They at least have an identity, something the franchise lacked for years.

“That’s awesome, man,” Cotchery said. “They’re taking notice of us, and know we’re for real _ and they don’t like it, and want to shut us up.”

The Jets will be able to start backing it all up when they face another playoff team from last season, Baltimore, in their opener on Sept. 13 _ a Monday night game. And just as they are now, everyone will be watching.

“The environment that we have, I think, works,” Ryan said. “This is who we are. We’re maybe not traditional, the way you see other teams, but don’t make that mistake in thinking that we’re less disciplined than another team or anything else. It’s just the opposite.”


AP Sports Writers Jaime Aron in Oxnard, Calif., Chris Jenkins in Green Bay, Wis., and Teresa Walker in Nashville, Tenn., contributed to this report.

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