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Indeed, Ms. von Furstenburg has created patriotically themed totes for the cause.

“Since I underwrite the cost myself, the ‘Tea Bags’ are extremely limited edition. I give them to special people — like Gov. Sarah Palin. I plan to have more made and will give them out, free of course, at the 9/12 Tea Party rally in Washington,” Mrs. Curzon continues.

“I guess with Team Pelosi, it’s all about the money. Tea partiers are more about the principle; getting our government back to the ideals expressed in our Constitution. We don’t mind raising money but we are more interested in raising awareness about what is happening to our country,” she adds.


“The lifting gets lighter when you drop the ball. Congress is about to adjourn for a six-week summer recess — the longest in memory. This despite the fact that Democrats have completely failed to address Americans’ worries about the economy, unemployment, reckless spending, skyrocketing debt, job-killing tax hikes, rising health care costs, endless bailouts, and Washington’s obstruction of private sector success,” says the Republican Study Committee.

“While Vice President Biden and other Democrats seem to think that ‘the heavy lifting is over,’ all the aforementioned issues remain major concerns for the public. Why? Because the heavy lifting is not actually over. Democrats just dropped the ball.”


87 percent of U.S. voters say it is likely a woman will be elected president in the next 25 years.

32 percent would support a female candidate, 30 percent would support a male candidate in a woman versus man matchup.

43 percent of Republicans would vote for the man, 43 percent of Democrats would vote for the woman.

45 percent of voters overall would support the woman in a Republican woman versus Democratic man matchup, 35 percent would vote for the Democratic man.

14 percent say describing a female candidate as a “feminist” is a positive.

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted July 22 and 23.

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