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The new “hypersexuality disorder would be a gift” to “excuse-seekers” and turn into a “potential forensic disaster,” he wrote.

Gambling addiction “could provide a slippery slope leading to the back-door inclusion of a variety of silly and potentially harmful diagnoses (i.e., ‘addictions’ to shopping, sex, work, credit card debt, videogames etc, etc, etc) under the broad rubric of ‘behavioral addictions not otherwise specified,’” Dr. Frances predicted.

The DSM-V proposals refer to conditions with severe distress — an eating disorder does not mean overeating on Thanksgiving Day, Dr. Alan Schatzberg, APA president, told PBS’ “Newshour” program on Feb. 10, when the revisions were released for comment.

Field trials will “test out whether these proposed kinds of categories make sense,” he added, and “I think the DSM-V will reduce the numbers of patients who receive diagnoses.”