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“It helps four teams, I don’t know which four teams it helps,” Butler coach Brad Stevens said. “I don’t know they’re in any given league. What we try to do is we try to go out and schedule the best schedule that we possibly can, which in the coaching fraternity they call me crazy for doing that, so that we at least have a shot to qualify for the tournament in two ways.”

The new tourney format wasn’t the only hot topic. Smith acknowledged that during last week’s meeting in New Orleans, the selection committee did discuss holding an opening day event to start the college basketball season.

No formal proposals have been made, but the two coaches on the call _ Stevens and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski _ said they would support the move.

“I think sometimes toward the waning parts of the football season, or at least the regular season, all of a sudden pops up a college basketball game,” Stevens said. “It’s like, ‘I didn’t realize that was going on.’”

Duke and Butler played for last season’s national title and will meet in a Dec. 4 rematch at East Rutherford, N.J.

Krzyzewski and Stevens also voiced opposition to eliminating summer recruiting, a proposal the NCAA executive committee decided last month would be studied over the next 12 months. The Collegiate Commissioners Association had proposed an outright ban.

Krzyzewski was upset no coaches were included in the CCA’s discussion and contends a ban would actually increase a school’s recruiting costs.

“Summer recruiting is essential for schools of all levels,” Krzyzewski said. “I think the amount of money that you would have to put into it if you didn’t have summer recruiting would be immense because you get to see so many kids during a short period of time in one area. So it’s essential. What we do with it, I mean, it should be a consensus with the coaches and our administrators as to what is best for our game. You’re going to have to do something in the summer, there’s no question about it.”