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“I wasn’t starting and neither was Chad, so we just kind of spent a lot of time talking about what quarterbacks see and how quarterbacks gain trust in receivers,” Kitna said.

Why do those things matter? Kitna compared it to a marriage.

“It’s like your wife telling you what really makes her happy, what works for her,” he said. “I mean, you can buy roses for your wife all you want, but if that’s not what gets her going, then it’s really futile. Although it’s a good attempt, it’s futile. So when she tells you, ‘I really like it when you just offer to massage my feet or you do the dishes.’ That’s finding out what your wife likes. It’s kind of the same thing for a receiver with a quarterback.”

Bryant has made headlines for everything from his mother’s lifestyle to how much he’s spent on dinner. This past weekend, there was a story about him losing a $50,000 diamond earring on the field during the game against the Giants; a security guard returned it.

But those things obscure what jumps out most _ the enthusiasm, passion and flat-out talent he has as a football player.

“He’s a lot of fun to be around,” Kitna said. “It’s a simple game to him. `Just throw me the ball.’ But if we can all be a little closer to the same page in how we’re thinking about things and running things, then he gets to have the ball thrown to him more.”