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Towns across Britain light bonfires and set off fireworks every year to commemorate the failure of a Nov. 5 plot to blow up parliament and King James I in 1605.

Bonfires are traditionally topped with an effigy of conspirator Guy Fawkes but, in a sign of Rooney’s unpopularity, the southeast England town of Edenbridge has picked the burly striker.

Nike, which also sponsors United, has stuck with Rooney through the recent trouble, which included Coca-Cola removing his image from cans of Coke Zero following the allegations over his personal life.

But the sports equipment manufacturer would not say just what Rooney can do in Portland that he couldn’t do in Manchester.

“Manchester United’s medical and fitness staff have requested access to Nike facilities to deliver a tailored program of fitness conditioning,” Nike said in a statement. “We are unable to share exact details of the program as these are created between Manchester United and Wayne.”