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“I said, ‘Do you remember a lot?’ (He said) ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it. I know it,’ ” Brady said. “And I said, ‘OK, what’s this?’ (He said), ‘I don’t know that one.’

“I said, ‘That was one of the ones you should have known, because I haven’t even gotten to the stuff you don’t know yet.’ “

Still, Brady is confident Branch will learn quickly.

“He’s a real smart guy, a real smart player,” Brady said. “I don’t think it’s going to take him too long, hopefully before Sunday.”

Moss‘ behavior was questioned even before he was traded. He appeared at the team’s Kickoff Gala and sat alone wearing headphones instead of at a table with fans and autograph seekers who paid money to sit with him. Then, after the Patriots‘ season-opening win, he spoke for 16 minutes about his dissatisfaction with not having a contract after this season.

That drew criticism that continued after his trade.

“I didn’t follow any of it. I know what I said. I know I wouldn’t bash him. I don’t think any of our teammates were bashing him,” Brady told reporters. “Were you guys bashing him? I wasn’t.”

But was he a negative influence in the locker room?

“No,” Brady said. “Not at all.”

How about the CBS report on a pregame show Sunday that he and Moss went “toe-to-toe” in a confrontation in which Brady supposedly told Moss to shave his beard and Moss responded by telling Brady to cut his long hair?

“He and I get along great, and we always have since the day he got here,” Brady said. “He’s never made fun of my hair, when everyone else seems to want to make fun of my hair, but he never has.”

Then Brady cut off any further questions about Moss and talked about the clean-shaven Branch.

Deion is here now (and) has some different strengths than Randy,” Brady said. “Randy can certainly do things well, but so can other guys.”