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Nia swiftly moves with a drag and tap of the finger over the iPad to clean and seat tables, pick up and serve multicolored drinks, pick up payments and try to make enough money to survive to the next day.

Cute character designs of the Saturday-cartoon variety mix with computer-painted illustrations to move the story forward. I just wanted to pinch the cheeks on those Twilek bounty hunters.

Of course, levels get progressively harder and require collecting more cash and managing more tables. Upgrades such as air conditioning and holochess tables help calm patrons, including Jawas, moisture farmers, Gamorrean thugs and one of the Hutts, while the player juggles his tasks.

I could have used a bit more responsiveness from the software under times of stress, as my sweaty finger demanded Nia’s rapid motions to keep customers happy before they left in a huff or busted up the joint. (Thank goodness for repair droids.)

Also, the Cantina theme blasting through every menu screen might induce madness in the average human. The tween “Star Wars” fan, however, will appreciate the familiar friends and fast-paced action.

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