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But even if fans are paying attention to everything else, they also continue to tune into NFL telecasts, the most popular thing on the tube this time of year. Of course, anyone who prefers to focus on the negative will point out there already have been three TV blackouts (Tampa, San Diego, Oakland) when there were 20 all of last season.

There also have been 19 games decided by seven or fewer points, the most at this point in NFL history. Of the eight teams at 2-0, six did not make the playoffs last year: Chicago, Houston, Kansas City, Miami, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.

“Yes, I think people do pay attention to those other elements and maybe it’s distracting us from watching the games in the total purity of sports,” Thompson said. “Yet, part of the fun of following a game or team or the NFL is for the close games, the stats, watching our favorite teams win and also for the drama, and sometimes we get the high drama the NFL is kicking off this season with.”