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But Chris Polian wants information on the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class in his files.

“The college scouting report is always carried over with the players and we just felt with where we had guys on the board and where we were at, it was important to take part and have some information available to us,” he said.

Where else might the Colts look for help?

They could have holes at running back, safety and linebacker. Joseph Addai, Melvin Bullitt and Clint Session, all starters, will become free agents when the lockout ends and it’s unclear whether the Colts will be able to re-sign all three in what figures to be a wild sprint to the regular season.

Another complication will be the inability to sign undrafted free agents immediately after the draft, something Indy has relied on to get low-priced talent in place. Bullitt and running back Dominic Rhodes typify the big talents Indy has found once the draft ends.

But even with all the uncertainties over the lockout, the roster and where the biggest holes might exist, the Colts intend to stick to their usual draft weekend game plan.

“We’ve spent over $1 million and a lot of time and energy on establishing the board, and as (former player personnel director) Dom Anile used to say, if you don’t let the board speak to you on draft day, you really haven’t exercised your chance to succeed,” Bill Polian said. “We’re not infallible, we make mistakes, fate’s going to intervene. It’s not an exact science, in fact, it’s not even a science.

“You say ‘Hey, get a good player everywhere, anywhere and it will help.’”