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“It’s just amazing,” she said. “We’re so proud of Darrel because he had a dream and he kept his mind set on it. He didn’t give up for anything, no matter what came at him. For us, that’s inspiring.”

The feeling is mutual. Darrel is practicing with the first-string offense this training camp, and he stays hungry by remembering his brother’s sacrifice and the advice from two summers ago.

“He’s always been a big inspiration in my life,” Darrel said. “For him to go over there and do what he did for the country and to go out every day and not know what’s going to happen, it just makes me look at life a little different. To listen to the stories that he tells and stuff like that, this right here is fun, but over there is real-life situations.”

Outside the VIP tent Saturday, Darrel was talking to his older brother when a man and his daughter approached. The man asked for an autograph and then a picture.

Sgt. Young volunteered to take the photo while little brother posed with the fans. Darrel lifted up the little girl, and there were smiles all around.

“He’s still my younger brother,” Sgt. Young said, “but he’s a superstar now.”