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• The Redskins surrendered only one sack. Pierre-Paul barely was blocked before he brought QB Rex Grossman down in the first quarter.

WR Niles Paul motioned from the right to a tight end position on the left side of the line. He wasn’t supposed to block Pierre-Paul; his job was to bluff at Pierre-Paul before releasing to the flat. That assignment was based on a look earlier in the game.

The Redskins wanted Pierre-Paul to hesitate so FB Darrel Young had time to peel off faking a lead block on play-action and redirect to block Pierre-Paul. But Pierre-Paul never bought Paul’s fake and got to Grossman before Young could recover. Snap-to-sack took only 1.8 seconds.

• On FB Darrel Young‘s 6-yard touchdown run, Pierre-Paul peeled off him because he thought WR Terrence Austin had the ball on an end around. Before that, the Redskins handed off on separate plays to WR Anthony Armstrong and WR Niles Paul. Young’s run was a perfect example of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan running a play based on an adjustment from another earlier in the game.