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The plan requires good luck in the draft lottery, shrewd maneuvering for additional picks, wise choices on the draftees and an environment that prompts your superstar to sign long-term. That’s a lot to line up, and everything can fall apart if one step is off.

But the Wizards are in good shape at this stage, perhaps two or three years away from serious contention with Wall and the young core approaching their prime, aided by recent draft picks and a couple of key free agents.

Meanwhile, the 2011-12 Wizards will try to take advantage of their youth, athleticism and length. They have the potential to rank among the league’s more exciting and entertaining teams on the break, with Wall running the point, high-flying options on the wings and shooters on the arc.

It could lead to some fun basketball.

Here’s hoping that it does, because there’s probably not much winning basketball this season.