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Royster just has a good knack for finding the right hole,” Kyle Shanahan said. “He’s a very natural running back, and what you mean by that is he does it with ease. He goes one gap at a time, and it doesn’t look real flashy, but he’s always going in the right spot. Usually when you’re like that, you’re going to be a good yards-per-carry guy.”

The Redskins, however, want more than just a yards-per-carry guy. They want someone who can anchor an entire offensive scheme based on running and play-action passes, someone who always is noticed for their quality on the field.

Hightower, Helu and Royster each have made positive contributions, but are they the one?

“I think with all three of those guys, they have a chance to do it,” Kyle Shanahan said “We’re still waiting to see if they can.”