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Garnett cheered harder than anyone as James single-handedly tried to secure a win. Allen blamed his team for being too passive in the early going.

“Everybody kind of eased into it,” he said. “That’s cool, when you’re playing in a pickup game or All-Star game, but when you want to make a statement, we can’t do that for our own team.”

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who led the West with 37 points and 14 rebounds, was named MVP in front of his local fans.

“I wish the East would’ve won, then my teammate with the triple-double would’ve stole (the MVP),” Wade said. “But he deserved it.”

Stoudemire also had 29 points.

“It got competitive during the second half,” he said. “We wanted to win, started off a little slow, those guys scored about 300 points. Defense was, the lack of, but we had fun. That’s the most important thing.”

Boston coach Doc Rivers, who oversaw the East, put his Celtics stars into the game together at one point, drawing hearty boos.

“Oh, I thought that was beautiful,” he said. “The fact that it was in L.A., you knew they would not get a rousing ovation. But that was fine. I think our guys expected it and it was fun. Our guys got a good laugh out of it.”

In a game that always features more offense than defense, Allen got into Bryant on a couple of possessions.

“You kind of expect it,” Rivers said. “Kobe had it going, to say the least. At that point, when we put them in, whoever came in would have tried to guard him.”