Zadzooks: Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD, Risk and Rock Band Reloaded HD

Spidey for ‘tweens; Risk makes iPad debut

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD from Gameloft fro the iPadUltimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD from Gameloft fro the iPad
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Here’s a review of some of the coolest games for Apple’s iPad:

Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD (Gameloft, 99 cents)  Marvel Comics’ famed web slinger stars in a third-person adventure beautifully crafted for Apple’s tablet computer.

In a game based on the comics publisher’s popular ‘tween-friendly Spidey title, the action mixes a colorful design with environmental obstacle courses and button-mashing combat to satisfy a solo player.

Spider-Man resides in an authentic cel-shaded universe in a story tied to the escape of supervillains in New York City and the infection of some of its residents with a symbiote substance.

Most important to the design, the player controls a character who sounds and acts exactly as Peter Parker’s alter ego.

Our authentic hero can swing on webs through the city, slide to the rooftops, climb buildings, perch on objects before attacking, blast minions with webbing while cracking a joke, rescue tied-up people and swiftly clobber classic boss foes, including Electro, Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin.

The game features dazzling high-speed combat through 12 levels where the quicker a player taps combinations of on-screen buttons, the more impressive are the moves that result.

Geared toward the 9-year-old fan, our hero never falls to his death (if the player follows on-screen prompts with a finger), always can find some health orbs to stay alive and avoids danger with a tap on the ever-appearing Spider Sense icons.

The Spider Sense moves, usually available when our hero needs to duck exploding projectiles, a giant hammer, the horn of a charging Rhino and such, are slick counterattacks, often with slow-motion responses.

Players also can collect power-upgrade orbs and comic-book cover art, take photos of the villains and even unlock Spider-Man’s black suit.

Those who have not bought the game have no excuse not to enjoy Spider-Man’s exploits, thanks to the ridiculously low price.

Total Mayhem HD is one of the more satisfying titles ever created for the mobile-gaming comic-book lover.

Risk (Electronic Arts, $6.99)  The granddaddy of world-conquest board games debuts on the iPad with a virtual adaptation as strategic as the original.

The objective has been around since 1957 and sounds simple enough. Amass armies to occupy territories and then whole continents while crushing opposition to completely take over a world map.

In the turn-based challenge, each player works through three phases. He positions newly acquired troops, attacks opponent-owned areas of the map and then fortifies one territory by moving his forces.

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