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Barea wasn’t as vague.

He said he wants to stay, even though he’s likely to go from starting the finals to being a backup next season, and he could probably cash in and become a starter elsewhere.

Then again, it’s hard to complain about the niche he has here.

“I’m not going to lie, I like the role I have on this team,” Barea said. “The situation I got here in Dallas and with the coach that I have and the teammates I have, I don’t want to change it. So hopefully I’ll be here again next year and we’ll see what happens.”

Butler will be a different story.

The Mavs traded for him at the deadline in 2010, and he was their second-leading scorer when he had an excruciating knee injury on New Year’s Day. He was hailed as the team’s inspiration for the way he tried to speed his recovery to be able to play in the postseason. He was about 10 days from being ready.

It remains to be seen what the injury did to his value and whether being part of a championship team makes him want to return. The Mavs could have some leverage considering they won it all without him.

“He’s part of the family,” Nelson said. “That’s how we’ll treat all those guys.”

Stevenson is a well-traveled veteran who fell into a nice role this season. He started the first 19 playoff games, then became a key reserve once Barea took his spot. He was arrested for public intoxication Tuesday and released from jail Wednesday after posting bail, but a hiccup like that won’t diminish his value to the Mavs.

“His toughness, his performance on defense was great,” coach Rick Carlisle said.

Stojakovic helped replace some of Butler’s scoring and had some big games early in the playoffs. He faded in the conference finals and was so bad in the finals that he wound up glued to the bench.

“Even though I’m not the same player and I have to understand who I am at this point of my career, I still enjoy being out there,” Stojakovic said. “I still believe that I can have a role in this league.”

Carlisle has proof.

“Before we went on one of our last trips, I sat there and watched him make 95 out of 100 3s,” Carlisle said. “That’s ridiculous.”

Cardinal is another tough-nosed defender who can hit the 3 when left open. He replaced Stojakovic in the rotation and provided several highlights in the last few games.

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