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“Our ambition is to go and win the Stanley Cup,” Jacobs said. “There is a common bond now that exists between everybody. You’ve really built an organization, and I say a hockey organization, a player organization. The athletes are all committed to a central point, and that is a wonderful thing to see and a wonderful place to be.”

And it’s now up to coach Claude Julien to temper the enthusiasm, and keep the team’s eyes on the prize.

“I think they’re obviously handling it very well. We’re obviously excited to be here,” Julien said. “This is a position that we’ve wanted to be in since the beginning of the year. Having said that, I think we’re also aware of what has to be done for us to make it even better. And we’re really doing a good job of staying focused, and doing the things that we have to do here to prepare.”

Julien spoke to the media after Jacobs addressed his team on Sunday.

“I think it meant a lot. I was happy that he did take the time to speak to our team. We don’t see him much during the regular season,” Julien said. “He comes and watches games, but he certainly is not one of those owners that will interfere and then come down much. So, that’s his personality and it’s his style, and we respect that. But when he does come in, like he did today and address the team, everybody was happy to hear from him.”