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The Army is not just talking. Weeks before Gen. Chiarelli testified, it issued a draft request for proposal to industry to show what they would produce if they won the JLTV production contract.

Loren B. Thompson, who heads the Lexington Institute, said the Army already has canceled new missile and communications systems, and may now be forced to give up the 70-mph, all-terrain JLTV.

“Does anybody in the Obama Administration understand that killing such programs nearly guarantees soldiers will die unnecessarily in future wars?” Mr. Thompson wrote in a column, “The Cloud Hanging Over America’s Army.”

“Since coming into office, it has presided over the cancellation of nearly two dozen next-generation vehicles, munitions, communications links and other combat systems that would have helped America’s soldiers to survive and win in future wars.

“To make matters worse, it has tightened up on contracting terms to such a degree that defense companies aren’t even sure they want to participate in the programs that remain. The arsenal of the future is disappearing with each passing month, and today’s savings are being bought at the expense of tomorrow’s soldiers.”