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After saying he was saddened by the violence that occurred on Halloween and that residents of Wards 7 and 8 are victimized by violence on a “regular basis,” Mr. Moten said his campaign “will release a plan in the coming weeks on how to address this problem.”

Sounds like the words of a cookie-cutter black liberal, eh?

• And the first shall be last. Council member Tommy Wells, who wants to repeal the city’s Internet gambling law, says there is a bit of confusion making the rounds of the faith-based community.

“I don’t think they understand it’s gambling, and some ministers were surprised when I told them what i-gaming is all about,” Mr. Wells told reporter Jeffrey Anderson. “Anyone can say that [popular video games] ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is i-gaming, or Pong.

“Who would show up for a listening session on i-gaming if they announced it’s all about legalized gambling? It would be a different show.” I’ll clarify: i-gaming is gambling via the Internet, and Mr. Wells is a staunch supporter of yanking the law off the books.

That’s why Ward 6, home to Capitol Hill and military employees, much of the city’s small-business community and low-income residents, is dead last on the list for a community forum on the controversial issue.

My advice to Mr. Wells is to round up the faith-based objectors for the Nov. 21 forum.

Round ‘em up.

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