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We’re still waiting for Riley’s first sack/forced fumble/fumble recovery/interception. Those will come over time as he gets more comfortable with his assignments.

I’m interested in asking about his role on the Seahawks‘ 20-yard touchdown. Seattle came out in the I-formation. RB Marshawn Lynch ran out to the right for a swing pass, while FB Michael Robinson ran to the left. Riley ran to cover Robinson while Jackson threw to the other side. But even after the throw, Riley kept running away from the play. Did he not realize where the ball was? Could he have recovered in time to help save a touchdown? The Redskins needed bodies over there because the Seahawks‘ play-call matched up well against the defense Washington had on.


One of the most important plays of Washington’s comeback was P Sav Rocca’s 51-yard punt from the Redskins‘ 16-yard line with 2:42 remaining. Washington was protecting a 3-point lead and needed to flip field position, especially after FB Mike Sellers knocked a handoff out of QB Rex Grossman’s hand for an 8-yard loss on first down.

With the wind at his back, Rocca’s punt came down perfectly at the left sideline, forcing dangerous return man Leon Washington to catch it just before stepping out of bounds. Referees helped the Redskins further by flagging Seattle CB Brandon Browner for a phantom personal foul against WR Terrence Austin. Both players engaged after the whistle, it appeared to me. It should have been a no-call.

The punt plus the penalty gave Seattle the ball at its own 18, a change of 66 yards.


OLB Brian Orakpo rushed the passer on 27 of 32 dropbacks. OLB Ryan Kerrigan rushed on 24.

Of the 29 dropbacks on which Orakpo and Kerrigan lined up on opposite sides, the Seahawks double-teamed Kerrigan four times and Orakpo twice.

That excludes the one dropback on which Kerrigan lined up at defensive end with Orakpo as the left outside linebacker and Rob Jackson as the right outside linebacker – an unprecedented alignment, I believe – and the two dropbacks on which Kerrigan and Orakpo both lined up on the left.


The Redskins‘ blitz was effective, particularly late in the game when it generated both of their sacks.

QB Tarvaris Jackson dropped back to pass 32 times. The Redskins rushed four defenders 20 times; five defenders five times; and six or more defenders seven times.

Against four rushers, Jackson was 10-of-20 for 80 yards, a touchdown and an interception; a passer rating of 56.3.

Against five rushers, Jackson was 3-of-5 for 57 yards and a touchdown; a rating of 139.2.

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