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The two sides met for four hours, with Stern floating the idea of a 50-50 split of basketball-related Income, but with the split coming after the owners take $300 million to $350 million off the top. But the players say they won’t go below 53, percent, or possibly 52 percent if other concessions are added. Last season, the BRI split was 57-43 for the owners, who claim to have collectively lost around $300 million last season.

The other unresolved issues holding up a new CBA include several so-called “system issues,” such as the mid-level exception, Larry Bird rights and contract terms, but the split of BRI remains the primary issue.

“Our guys have indicated a willingness to lose games,” said players union executive director Billy Hunter.

The players believe the owners plan to hold out until players begin missing game checks, which would occur around mid-November, in hopes that the union will weaken.

“We find ourselves at a point today where we, in some ways, anticipated or expected to be,” Fisher said. “Faced with a lockout that may jeopardize portions if not all of our season.”