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“If you really watch Brandon, anytime he touches the ball he can take it the distance,” Golston said. “There are very few players in the league that, when it’s their time to get the ball, everybody stands up to watch him. He has unique speed and quickness and he’s a big-play guy.

“I think that he uses what people would consider a weakness, as far as his size, and uses it as his strength. He’s hard to see, he’s low to the ground and he’s hard to tackle because he’s a smaller target.”

Golston believes Banks’ ability to overcome his size says just as much about his character as it does his talent.

“For him to fight back the way he does after hearing all his life that he’s too little to play football says something about the type of guy that he is,” Golston said. “It doesn’t matter what you say about him, he’s going to get the job done.”

Young thinks that in addition to his great speed, Banks also has great vision.

“You look at guys, yeah, we’re all hustling and stuff, but he’s setting up blocks,” Young said. “I don’t care what you say, sideline to sideline, there’s a lot of guys who can run in the league, but you ain’t gonna catch him.”

Banks hasn’t scored a touchdown yet in victories over the New York Giants and the Cardinals, but he said the momentum of a Monday game in Dallas against the hated Cowboys could be the night.

“Its a big-time rivalry that’s been going on for years,” Banks said. “Hopefully, we’re on the winning side this coming Monday.”