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“If Lexi continues to win, it’s going to be an exciting time for her, and an exciting time for us,” he said. “But she doesn’t have to carry any more weight than the weight of her bag.”

Thompson is home-schooled, taking Florida-approved classes online.

Whan said her membership won’t start until 2012 because there was no point in making her a member now. She is eligible for only one more tournament, the season-ending Titleholders on Nov. 17-20 in Orlando. This way, Thompson can start clean as a rookie next year.

He also isn’t worried that he is setting a precedent.

Michelle Wie turned pro at 15, but didn’t join the LPGA Tour until going through Q-school three years later. Whan said he has had a little more than a dozen requests from teenagers, either to join the LPGA or go through Q-school.

“I don’t want young players who are freshmen and sophomores in high school contemplating whether to turn pro. I’ve said `no’ maybe 50 times and said `yes’ once,” Whan said, skewing the numbers for emphasis.

Instead, he pointed to Thompson’s resume of playing on the LPGA Tour as a pro and as an amateur, and how she handles everything from the rigors of travel to dealing with sponsors and fans.