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“If they are obedient to God, they should all make a biblically informed decision, bearing in mind principles such as the sanctity of life and the importance of social justice,” Mr. Evans says, adding that governments “ultimately must answer to God,” as they did in biblical times.

“God only promises to bless the nation that recognizes His authority,” he adds.

No endorsements from him though. Mr. Evans says he straddles the divide between parties because “God isn’t a Democrat or a Republican. He didn’t come to take sides. He came to take over.”


“Motorcade left Andrews AFB at 3:55 after nearly 5 hrs of golf. Arrived at White House at 4:18. Uneventful return trip. In the evening, POTUS is joining former POTUS Clinton for 1st joint fundraiser featuring both of them. Two events: reception followed by dinner, both at the house of Terry McAuliffe in McLean.”

“More than 500 supporters expected at reception and 80 at dinner. Tickets for reception start at $1,000 per person; tickets for dinner are $20,000 per person. Proceeds go to the Obama Victory Fund.”

— From the White House pool report about President Obama’s schedule, submitted Sunday afternoon by Congressional Quarterly staff writer John Gramlich. The events are Mr. Obama’s 127th and 128th fundraisers of his campaign.


• 28 percent of Americans say gold is the “best long-term investment.”

• 31 percent of Republicans, 27 percent of independents and 24 percent of Democrats agree.

• 20 percent overall say real estate is the best long-term investment.

• 26 percent of Republicans, 20 percent of independents and 14 percent of Democrats agree.

• 19 percent say stocks and mutual funds are the best investments.

• 18 percent of Republicans, 21 percent of independents and 19 percent of Democrats agree.

• 19 percent say savings accounts and certificates of deposits are the best investments.

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